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Instant cash for Used Cars in Daly City

At Cash for Cars Daly City, we buy used cars from Daly City residents who want to get rid of their used cars quickly. We are a trusted company with over 14 years of experience in the business of buying used cars from owners. We pay for each vehicle we buy instantly. One day 15 years ago, one of our founders wanted to relocate from Daly City to New York. The company he used to work for had transferred him. Due to the long distance between the two cities, he decided it was cheaper to sell his properties included his Ford Mustang and used the money to start over in New York. This was never to happen. He spent over one month looking for a potential buyer for the car and didn’t find any. He didn’t relocate, but decided to help other people with similar problem in Daly City. Teaming with three of his friends, they founded the company the following year.

For the last 14 years, we have bought thousands of used cars. This has enabled the used car owners to quickly sell their cars without wasting their precious time looking for a buyer. Unlike using dealers to sell your car, when you sell your car to us, we charge you no commission. This means you will receive the full value for your car in cash.

With our services, car owners can either drive the used car to our yard or call us over to where the used car is. We do not charge our clients any towing fee. A car owner is therefore free to use any of the two methods because it will not affect the amount of money he or she will receive from the used car. The only thing that affects the amount of money you will receive is the value of your car. Remember, that you call always call us or fill the online query form if you have any question.

Our staff has lots of experience in the business of used cars. They have done valuations for thousands of used cars before and hence, you are sure that they will do your valuation accurately. You are also free to use an independent professional to confirm the accuracy of our professional.

After the valuations, we will agree on the amount of money to be paid for the car. This will be a mutual agreement based on your needs. The agreed will be paid as soon as you have signed all the documents involved. We will pay you either in cash or transfer the amount to your bank account depending on the method of payment you prefer.

We are a trustworthy, company. This is because our staff pays close attention to the needs of our clients and are always professional. What's more, you will have the privilege to work based on your convenience. Get the best services from us and see the difference for yourself. Contact us now to enjoy our highly rated services.